Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm BackI

Of course I choose the busiest week to start a blog and then not get back to it for weeks! Typical Nicole Grey.

I have a little announcement, I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight in only 4 months. How do I do it? Let's see... watching two kids all day, working hard on church projects, studying hard for law school, waking up early and staying up late, and trying to find time to eat can help ease those pounds away. I just now need to tone some troubling sections and I'll be good to go for Destin.

I little advice before I head off to bed. I love couponing but I honestly do no have time to coupon. With my crazy schedule I do not have the time to run all over town to find 5 bottles of toothpaste on sale. What I found to work it my family is I shop at CVS for Health and Beauty items (shampoo, toothpaste, diapers, etc.) This helps me stay in budget on these items while also saving a bunch. Like this past week, a big pack of diapers (100) were on sale for 19.99. I have a $3 dollar coupon, took the price down to $16 and I have an ECB for $4 which took the price down to $10. 100 diapers for $10 just can not be beat anywhere. I stockpile as well, but not crazy stockpiling because we just don't have the room. So what I do is see what is a comfortable pile for my family. I like to have at least 4 tubes of toothpaste at all times. We have four right now. When we have to use one I put it on my shopping list and wait to see when a sale goes on at CVS for toothpaste. I then buy it when it is on sale, usually 1.09 with a coupon of .50 brings toothpaste to .59. Can't beat that price.

Just some thoughts to throw out there.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Road Map

Well, I am doing it. I am going to join the other lists of mommy's and start a little blog. I hope this site is a help to all those moms who are trying their best to raise virtuous children, stay on a budget, and be the best wife God has called us to be.

I will post tips on how to budget. I think I have some pretty good insight on this since we are cash flowing law school, raising two kids, and still have drinks to have at night.

I will post tips on how to bring the Catholic faith home. It is so important for moms to create a Catholic, welcoming, environment for their kids, husband, and friends.

I will post tips on how to turn away from materialism but still enjoy the finer things of life.

And I will do all this while keeping you entertained, happy, and maybe a little bit philosophical.